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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

YOGA-The best way to achieve Purification of the Mind, Body, and Soul.

The word Yoga finds its origination from ‘Yuj’, a Sanskrit word which means to unite, connect, and combine. And therein, the practice of Yoga helps achieve the ultimate union of the Mind, Body, and Soul. We are able to reach a state of Yoga by way of practiced breathing techniques and postures. The beauty of yoga is that when practiced with focus, commitment and interest it helps achieve the perfect mind-body balance. It definitely offers the body an innate sense of calmness, and absolute peace to the mind which in turn results in a healthy body.

Yoga helps beat stress and stressful thoughts from creeping in and anyone practicing Yoga regularly, will over time, feel refreshed in thoughts and actions.

Yoga is a scientific perspective that perfectly blends with the spiritual and this in a way results in the absolute unison of the self with God. Yoga helps channelize our focus inwards, towards ourselves, helping us understand our breathing rhythms, our, body and mind well. And gradually, we gain an understanding of our functions and dysfunctions, effective and ineffective actions and so on. 

Yoga is a combination of both mental and physical routines and exercises which the practiced yoga practitioner will teach and you can learn, adopt, and become proficient in.  If awareness of yoga is established and you know about its immense health benefits and the fact that it helps overcome many sicknesses, aches, pains and illnesses, then you learn that regular practice can really be the best answer to lead a healthy, peaceful, and stress-free life.

Any beginner when learning and practicing Yoga for the first-time, will notice the positive effects and changes almost immediately. Most of all, it will become habit-forming which by itself is highly beneficial. A person will notice improved energy levels, better focus, and concentration, feeling a lot lighter and positive, and there will be marked improvement in posture, gait, and also greater flexibility. People will feel a lot de-stressed and there is a greater sense of wellbeing too.

Practice any discipline of Yoga that befits you!

Yoga can perfectly be tailored and individualized based on what one seeks, needs and can do. And it has no conditionality associated with it. Anyone can practice anytime and can start anytime too. It doesn’t have any age, gender or any other type of restrictions.

All that it requires is the right belief system and the awareness that it can do a world of good and will never ever do any harm.

Yoga cannot be quantified in terms of calories being burnt or the time taken to do it. It is a series of asanas that follows a prescribed pattern and it will in its own way take care of your mind-body and offer far-reaching benefits.