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‘Swaroopam’ is an Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment centre at the historical city of Cuttack, famous for the purest Kerala Therapy. People who look for a good round of Ayurvedic treatment from Kerala in Odisha, Swaroopam is the quiet, calm, peaceful and purity maintained  home to be reached at and experience the difference. It’s the specialty of Ayurveda in its purest form and the results can be witnessed in a short span.

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The word ‘Panchakarma’ originates from the Sanskrit language and it is actually two words, Pancha which means five, and Karma means the process, ways, of carrying out the treatment or therapy.

shodhana chikitsa THERAPY

Shodhana Chikitsa at our Ayurveda retreat includes some of the best Ayurvedic therapies that cleanse the body, balance the doshas and provide complete wellness.


YOGA-The best way to achieve Purification of the Mind, Body, and Soul. The word Yoga finds its origination from ‘Yuj’, a Sanskrit word which means to unite, connect, and combine.


Obesity can be highly dispiriting; both health wise as well as personality wise. People who are unhappy with their BMI, try various options to balance their weight.

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